Tufnol's Retro Video Unearthed

We've been lucky enough to unearth a copy of Tufnol's vintage promotional video filmed back in the late 1980's.  It briefly touches on the way Tufnol is manufactured so we get to see how the stuff is made, which actually still hasn't changed much to this day.

The video brings back memories of how things were "back in the day" and how many things have changed.  It even openly promotes asbestos grades which have long since been discontinued for obvious reasons.  It does, however, go into details of the many grades and their uses and applications although the 1P/13, Whale and Kite grades still remain the bread and butter of the Tufnol range.

While a bit lengthy at just over 18 minutes, this video accomplishes a great deal in terms of describing the importance of engineering plastics.  In the history of mankind's pursuit of precision manufacturing of items, plastics fill a place of prominence.  And, after all these years and increasingly rapid changes, there is still a firm place in the world of engineering plastics for Tufnol.