Ultimate Lexan Racecar Windows (part 1)


Chris Isaacs shows us how he creates the windows for his and Spencer Tramm's new Pro-Mod Duster, Chris has been building race cars for 24 years and is considered a real perfectionist with a keen eye for even the smallest of details.


Tools Your Going To Need:

  • Fine tipped permanent marker pen
  • A piece of hardboard slightly bigger than your window
  • A rule (preferable a steel one)
  • Hand Drill
  • A 3.2mm diameter & 4.2mm diameter drill
  • Set of cleco clips & the pliers (Cleco Pins)
  • A jigsaw (fine to medium tooth blade)
  • A file


Creating Your Hardboard Template:

  • Chris starts by drilling 2 holes of 3.2mm dia in the car at opposing sides of his window opening
  • Places his oversize hardboard blank panel on the inside of the car
  • Lines it up with his window opening, making sure he lines it up properly
  • Drills through the holes & fits a pair of Cleco pins to hold his template on the inside of the car
  • Here, Chris is marking where the edge of the window is going to be
  • Using his pen, he draws around the shape of the window opening
  • He draws a series of short radial lines around the edge of the template, closer together in the corners
  • Measures the distance from the window lip to his window opening and marks the size of his template
  • Once he's gone round his whole template, it looks like this
  • He removes his template to the workbench
  • He works his way around his template, measuring outwards by the distance he's noted to get his actual window shape
  • He carefully joins all his marks up
  • He then gets the Jigsaw to carefully cut his template out
  • Chris ends up with what he describes as his "rough" template
  • He the tries his template back on the car and checks for accuracy
  • Any fine adjustments are marked on the template and carefully adjusted with a file to get his template to perfection